Which Oven Is Best For Which Pizza? Is Wood-fired Better Than Regular Ovens?

To make the best pizza in cape may, it is a prerequisite for the chefs to know the difference between the regular oven and the pizza oven. As we all know, there are numerous varieties of ovens that can bake the pizza:

  • Wood Fired Ovens
  • Electric elements consisting of ovens
  • Gas or Commercial Ovens

But do you know which oven is best for which pizza? If not, then please stay tuned with our today’s blog.

Why is the Wood Fired oven considered better than the regular ovens?

It is because of the following features, that the pizza ovens are considered far better than the regular ovens:

  • The temperature of the pizza oven may rise to 900F/500.
  • The pizza can be perfectly cooked within 90 seconds.
  • The interior is moist and soft, but the exterior is crispy and crunchy.
  • The best flavour of the wood smoke and the caramelization can be experienced.
  • The unique flavour of the crust makes you go wow.
  • The foodies do not have to get disappointed with the raw taste of the toppings
  • The pizza oven has a great deal of insulation in the thick walls

Did you know?

The wood-fired oven can also help you to cook the following:

  • Searing Meat
  • Baking Bread

Best Pizza Varieties – Cooked in the pizza oven

  • Neapolitan pizza

To bake the world-famous Neapolitan pizza takes around 1 to 2 minutes. We all know that the hottest pizza ovens are responsible for bringing about the best quality of pizza. With a food fired oven, the yummy taste of each pizza slice makes our taste buds crave to eat for more and more.

  • New York Style Pizza

The pizza baking in the regular ovens makes the base go fried out. But with the wood-fired, the moisture and tenderness can still be maintained. The new york style pizza when cooked in the coal-fired oven brings about the best taste of all the elements: Pizza Bread, Toppings and of course the sauces.

Please, Do not misunderstand!

There are certain varieties of pizza, which go better in the specific oven. Not all pizza can be best cooked in all the ovens.

Let us take the example of the Neapolitan pizza and the New York-style pizza.

  • The Neapolitan pizza is strictly cooked in the wood-fired pizza and cooking in a coal-fired oven will never make the best and the required taste to come out.
  • The same is the case with the new york style pizza. If we wish to cook it in the wood-fired oven, the chances are that the flavours may not come out nicely.

Bonus Example:

Deep Chicago Pizza can never be cooked in a wood-fired oven because of its thickness. If we stubbornly stick to cooking it in the wood-fired oven, then the raw interior and the burnt exterior can be expected as the outcome of the same.

Final Comments!

Do not intend to cook a pizza without having prior proper knowledge about the ovens. The wrong choice of the oven will make all your efforts to cook the pizza will go in vain.

To know more about pizza ovens, please keep on reading our blogs.