Cape May Pizza

Why is a brick oven the best option to cook fresh & mouth-watering pizza?

Pizza heaven Cape May, Pizza is one of the best meal options that is preferred by many people all over the world. You can get it made as per your liking and what ingredients you like the most. Many people often get confused about which method of cooking pizza is the best choice. You can get it cooked in the traditional wood-fired brick down the oven.

The experts make sure the customers get the mouth-watering and delicious pizza in Cape May.

Understand the Working of Brick oven pizza

During the process of baking pizza, the thermodynamic principle for the baking process works the best. It allows the pizza to be baked from below and above. With the help of thermal conduction, the oven bottom is heard, and the toppings are cooked perfectly with thermal radiation with the help of air. To get the perfect pizza taste, it is important to keep a balance between the two. This way the pizza dough will be fresh, and all the toppings added over it are cooked at the same time.

What is the optimal temperature for baking pizza?

  • To make sure your pizza is cooked correctly, you need to need to put it at the right temperature. The optimal temperature for the brick oven should be 330 degrees Celsius (625 F) which is more than as compared to the conventional oven.
  • The high temperature is combined with the thermodynamic features which is the main part of cooking delicious and tasty pizza. The pizza is heated evenly because of the vaulted cavity of the brick oven which comes with the brick thick layers present at the oven bottom.
  • Cooking the pizza with the combination method allows the pizza dough and toppings to cook in just around 2 minutes.

What happens if you use a steel oven as compared to the brick?

Steel is a better conductor of heat as compared to brick. If the metal is heated to 330 C the bottom will reach 300 C , and dough will get burned. If you reduce the temperature to 230 C (446 F), then the bottom will reach 208 C but the toppings will not be cooked perfectly.

The best cooking environment gives the pizza the best taste

To cook your pizza in the perfect environment it is important to do physics and chemistry properly. Many people do not give importance to this aspect because they do not understand or think it is a waste of time.

If you are using the ceramic pizza stone, then it can offer you different properties. With this option, you can increase the temperature to the maximum by which the home oven allows to reduce the cooking time, and the pizza dough will not get burned. However, with this option, you need to preheat the oven.