Why should the children be given pizza rewards? Will it prove to be helpful?

Being a parent, I can understand how difficult the situation would get for the parents when their kids are not obeying them to do something which is necessary for them to do. It may be either homework or following some good values that you wish your child to do as soon as possible or to abide by respectively. But children are difficult to tackle when they have stubbornly stuck at not doing something. What should the parents do in such cases?

Offering children with the pizza in cape may is one of the solutions to make your child do something.

So as you might have guessed, in today’s blog we’re going to know about how the parents can make use of the pizza to make their child do something productive.

  • Pizza- The beloved food of the children

Ask any child around you about which kind of food they like a lot and their customary answer would be PIZZA. It is because of the fact the pizza is soft which is easy for the children to bite, the tangy sauce is something which even the adults find difficult to get away with the cravings and when it is topped with the favourite toppings then the kids do not have any reason to dislike the pizza.

  • Like adults kids need incentives as well

If your kid is not doing homework or is not obeying you, then you can surely ask him or her, ‘If you want to have pizza, then you better do your homework or obey the rules’. Once you say this, the kid in the hurry to get rewarded with the pizza will finish homework in no time.

According to one of the shared experiences

There was a mother who had triplets. Each of them was so lazy that they did not do their grooming tasks responsibly. The mother thought of away. She asked her kids “ From today onwards we are going to start a pizza bonanza game. If any of you complete your task grooming task responsibly, then he will be rewarded with the 5 pizza points. When this count gets to 200, you will get to have the pizza of your choice.” The kids took this game so seriously that in the wake of delighting their taste buds with the pizza, they started to do their grooming tasks in the best way. After a fortnight, each of them ends up completing the pizza points required to have the pizza.


PIzza parties are a great source of motivation

Whether your kid has emerged triumphant in any walk of life, then you have to make sure that you are hosting a good pizza party in which you are inviting all good friends of your child. This way you are making your child feel how good you are feeling with success and victory.

This is one of the psychological tactics to make your child keep on doing something great by thinking, “ If I Perform good at this thing, then mommy and daddy will get happy and they will host a pizza party for me.”